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55°–70° One small change for your machine, a giant revolution for your job

55–70 one small change for your machine a giant r 1 55°–70° One small change for your machine, a giant revolution for your job

The way lies open for new angles that sharpens the job and create new possibilities. Olofsfors will do everything to help you make the leap to a more efficient work everyday. The change is easy to achieve – just get the Olofsfors edge system and learn to master the full benefits.

Your future is somewhere between 50 and 70 degrees.
And it’s profitable, for sure.

SharqEdges — The Sharp Quick Mount Edge System 

Olofsfors SharqEdges is a sharp quick mount edge system for motor graders and snow plows. A complete toolbox of cutting edges for all road maintenance — winter as summer — and a way of working very efficiently. SharqEdges has many advantages over traditional thicker blade types for motor graders and plows. Instead of scraping and push the ice, snow or gravel, SharqEdges cuts, lifts and roll the material off the road surface with far less downward pressure.

By using SharqEdges you can reduce fuel consumption, grader wear,
operator fatigue and CO2 pollution – and increase production efficiency and road safety.

Benefits of the SharqEdges toolbox

• Complete system – all road conditions – winter and summer
– graders and plows
• Quick Mount System – low downtime – high flexibility
• Self-sharpening
• Improved plowing/grading performance and increased productivity
• Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 pollution
• Reduced wear on the grader and tires
• Improved operator environment