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Half Arrow Edges

half arrow edges 1 Half Arrow Edges

Bruxite half arrow edges are available in Bruxite 500 in all sizes from the smallest profile 101, for light material buckets, to the biggest profile 254, for heavy-duty buckets. The half arrow edges are most commonly used as front edges on loader buckets, other applications are as edge protectors between teeth and as bucket side protectors. Mounted in front of the cutting edge of the bucket, the half arrow efficiently protects both the cutting edge and the underside of the bucket. The half arrow edge is a cost effective solution for extra wear protection on new buckets as well as a repair front edge for very worn cutting edges.

Grouser & Round Bars

grouser round bars 1 Grouser & Round Bars

Bruxite Grouser Bars

Bruxite grouser bars are available in seven different profiles and are made of thru-hardened Bruxite 500 steel. With the unique combination of high hardness, toughness and weldability, the Bruxite grouser bars give excellent value for money in many highly abrasive applications. Originally developed as repair parts for under carriage belts, the usage of Bruxite grouser bars has today evolved into many applications with high requirements of wear resistance and impact strength.

Round Bars Bruxite 500

Bruxite round bars are made of thru-hardened Bruxite 500 steel. The unique combination of high hardness, toughness and weldability make the Bruxite round bar a very durable solution for riddle buckets etc.

Spade Nose Edges

spade nose edges 1 Spade Nose Edges

Bruxite Spade Nose Edges on request.

Olofsfors can, on request, supply Bruxite custom made spade nose edges, pointed edges or other designs of bucket front edges in Bruxite 500, Bruxite 450 or Bruxite 400. Beside custom designs, Olofsfors can provide spade nose and pointed edges in Bruxite quality according to OEM original dimensions, including base edges for OEM bolt-on edge systems. These edges can be ordered according to the Olofsfors standard measurement scheme, by drawing or by OEM number.

Specify measurements according to: L/L1 x B/B1 x T

spade nose edges 1 1 Spade Nose Edges

Wear Bars

wear bars 1 Wear Bars

Bruxite flat wear bars are available in Bruxite 500 and the standard thru-hardened bars range from 10 to 30 mm in thickness. Bruxite wear bars effectively protect the undersides and insides of buckets, dump trucks, conveyor belts etc. The unique combination of high hardness and toughness – from edge to edge – gives Bruxite wear bars optimal performance in terms of wear resistance and weight of the steel.

Wear Edges & Bars

wear edges bars 1 Wear Edges & Bars

Top Notch Quality – for all wearing edges

— Hard and tough from edge to edge – maximum wear time.

— Meets tough tolerance requirements. Systematic quality control.

— Excellent weldability properties in both 500 HB and 400 HB.

Bruxite is available in a wide range of edges and bars and bolt-on edges for excavator buckets, wheel loader buckets, dump trucks, crushers, conveyors and other high wearing applications. Bruxite steel is very hard, tough and meets the high requirements for quality tolerances of, for example, robotic welding systems. The special steel alloy and computer controlled heat treatment process that Olofsfors uses gives Bruxite wear edges and bars far better wear resistance and weldability properties than common tempering steels. Olofsfors can supply a wide range of Bruxite quality wear parts in bolt-on edges, segments and plates for most OEM bucket designs.

All machining and forming of Bruxite wear steel is carried out before the hardening process; this makes Bruxite wear edges and bars hard and tough from edge to edge. The production method gives wear parts with excellent performance, superior to that of wear parts made by heat impacting cutting in hardened plate material.

Bruxite – optimal protection at the most wearing edges.