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HMS 3000™ Stinger Board

hms 3000™ stinger board 1 HMS 3000™ Stinger Board
The HMS 3000™ stinger board system operates with a minimal contact area, allowing very low downward pressure on the edge. The HMS 3000 board comprises one solid piece with integrated support for maximum stability. The stinger bit holes are drilled with high precision to ensure the stingers can rotate reliably and will wear evenly over their lifetime. The HMS 3000 system protects the grader better and is far stronger than stinger boards with individually welded adapters for each stinger. If some stingers take a big hit – on a manhole, for instance – the wedge bolts break to protect the grader and the solid stinger board goes undamaged.

HMS 3000™ – extreme and safe penetration

• Extreme penetration
• Protects the grader
• Sustains big hits without damaging the stinger board

Adapter plates

adapter plates 1 Adapter plates
Olofsfors provides adapter plates to convert any motor grader to Sharq-Edges. Most common are 3–8-foot lengths with either 5/8-inch or ¾-inch mounting holes. With an adapter plate fitted, you have full access to the complete system of quick-mounted edges for all road conditions and seasons.

Curb protector, c/c 305 mm

curb protector c c 305 mm 1 Curb protector, c/c 305 mm
The Olofsfors curb protector has a classic Canadian design. It’s made of the same special alloy steel as the SharqEdges and heat-treated using the same process that makes them so strong and durable.

Flat edges OF600

flat edges of600 1 Flat edges OF600
The OF600 thin flat edge, for use on plows, has at least 25% longer wear life than the OF500. Like all the other edges in the system, the OF600 is self-sharpening and operates with a small contact surface. This produces great results on roads with compacted snow and ice. The OF600 flat edge is ideal for high-speed truck plowing on salted highways on the front plow, the side wing plow or on the underbody plow.

• Sharp – it cuts!
• More durable – made of OF600 steel

Viking Flat serrated edges

viking flat serrated edges 1 Viking Flat serrated edges
The Olofsfors flat serrated super sharp long tooth ice edge provides ultimate penetration in all ice conditions. Because the design allows ice and snow to flow through, the edge requires less machine power and produces better grading or leveling results. The serrated ice edge can also be used for loosening frozen ground or gravel. Like most other SharqEdges, the serrated edge is reversible, so it’s really two edges in one.

• Hardpan penetration
• Ice and packed snow removal
• Smoothing washboard surfaces
• Loosening hard-packed or frozen gravel